Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is the philosophy and practice of maintaining machinery based on its measured physical condition; not on the clock, calendar or runtime meters. Maintenance is prioritized and scheduled based on the actual condition of the equipment in its operating environment. A condition monitoring system predicts for how much longer equipment can continue to operate and when maintenance is needed, and indicates the root cause of potential failures.

CBM maximizes the interval between scheduled maintenance services according to equipment condition, not broad-based statistical averages. It provides early warning of deterioration before failure, thus avoiding unplanned downtime and collateral damage. It maximizes useful asset life and eliminates premature replacement of functional components.

Establishing “just-in-time” maintenance and repairs based on machine condition maximizes asset performance, prolongs effective operating time, cuts repair costs and minimizes the consequences of unplanned downtime. It reduces overall maintenance costs and maximizes financial returns.

Condition based maintenance versus breakdown maintenance.