To meet the high requirements onboard of seagoing vessels and mobile offshore units, we have added a new function in our Condmaster Ruby software program called Vibration ISO6954. This software module can be used in conjuction with the portable 3-channel vibration analyser Leonova Diamond.

The International Standard ISO6954 contains guidelines for the evaluation of vibration with regard to habitability on a passenger or merchant ship, as well as requirements for the instrumentation and the method of measurement in normally occupied spaces.

Shipboard vibration interfering with duties or reducing comfort is objectionable and often results in adverse comments from crew and passengers. This international ISO standard gives the guidelines for evaluating the habitability of different areas on a ship. The habitability is evaluated by the overall frequency-weighted RMS vibration values from 1 Hz to 80 Hz.

Vibration data acquired in accordance with this international standard are also useful for

• comparison with ship specifications,

• comparison with other vessels, and

• further development and improvement of vibration standards.

It is recommended that the classification to be applied to the various areas of a ship be agreed between the interested parties (e.g. shipbuilder and shipowner) prior to any assessment of habitability.