Smart and cost efficient vibration monitoring solution for Turbochargers 

Turbo chargers on engines for ships are vital to the economy and operation safety. Bearing failures can result in very costly direct and secondary damage and even cause downtime. Experience from the marine industry has shown that reliable condition monitoring gives rapid returns on the investment made.

Intellinova Parallel Modbus is the only monitoring system available that shows you the exact status of your Turbocharger wear and vibration condition from installation to replacement. You avoid inspection problems and unneccessary routine replacements. In case of lubrication deficiency and bearing deterioration you get a very early warning allowing ample time for planning replacements. This also diminishes the risk for secondary damage.

The installation pays for itself

By installing an Intellinova Turbocharger monitoring system you get immediate results:

  • Maximised uptime
  • Reduced risk of off hire and unscheduled stops
  • Increased confidence
  • Reduced costs for spare parts

Cost savings example:

  • Condition monitoring equipment installed for five years on seventeen vessels
  • Turbocharger bearings replaced based on condition only
  • Average running hours for bearings until replacement = 40,000 hrs
    (supplier recommendation = 16,000 hrs)

Total savings: 17 vessels * 3 turbo chargers * USD 20,000 = USD 1,020,000 every 30 months (not counting time savings)