ISO 18436 CAT I Vibration Analyst training

City Country Reference Date
Tiel The Netherlands Taught in Dutch/English March 19, 2024

Duration: 30 hours of training spread out over 4 days
Format: Live course
Optional: Certification examination, 2 hours, 70% passing grade
Compliance: ISO 18436 Category I – Vibration Analyst
Language: Taught in Dutch/English, study material in English

Public Course Pre-Study: Registered students are given access to the online version of the course via the Mobius Institute Learning Zone before the course and for six months after course completion to assist them with converting the course information into practice.

Online Learning: Registered students are given access to the Mobius Institute Learning Management System for a period of 6 months to provide ample time to learn the material and prepare for the optional certification examination.

Certification Prerequisite: Prior experience is not required for attending the training course, but 6 months of relevant experience is required for certification.

Outcome: After this course, you will understand the basics of vibration analysis fundamentals, you will understand how to take good measurements, and you will be ready to begin analyzing vibration spectra.


Please contact: or call +31 416 373 176