Oil Contamination Monitoring Center

Contamination Monitoring Center (CMC) combines technologies to enable sampling on low-pressure hydraulic and lubrication systems where aeration can be an issue.


The CMC can be installed in most low pressure hydraulic and lubrication systems ranging from zero bar pressure to a max of 50 bar on the inlet of the system. A further option can be installed on systems with a max of 0,5 bar on the inlet of the CMC pump and a max of 6 bar on system return. These two options give the user the versatility to install the CMC in a variety of different system applications. Also, the Condition Monitoring Center can be designed with an integrated magnetic coupling. This option can handle inlet pressures of 25 bar and 25 bar pressure on the outlet of the unit. Utilizing the best particle counter in its class as standard, the CMC delivers simplicity, practicality, and accuracy for the most demanding of applications. Proven optical technology and algorithms ensure consistent monitoring of your system, providing peace of mind for your operators.


Technical overview

Fluid compatibility/corrosion resistance: Hydrocarbon-based and synthetic hydraulic fluids
Min inlet pressure: Positive pressure
Max inlet pressure: 50 bar (pump option dependent)
Max outlet pressure: 6 bar (pump option dependent)
Max fluid temperature (continuous): Max. 80 °C viscosity dependent. Not lower than 10 cSt
Min fluid temperature (continuous): Viscosity dependent. Not greater than 1.000 cSt
Min temperature (start-up): Viscosity dependent. Not greater than 1.000 cSt ≈ 25 °C ISO VG 320
Max viscosity: 1.000 cSt
Min viscosity: 10 cSt
Min start-up ambient temperature: −30 °C
Max continuous ambient temperature: 65 °C
Power consumption: 0.25 kW max
Weight: 13 kg


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