Solutions for operation reliability in the maritime industry

SPM offers unique CBM solutions for seagoing vessels, offshore vessels, offshore and land drilling rigs, and all sorts of machinery.

As a class-certified condition monitoring service provider, we commit ourselves to implement your vessel's CBM program according to the latest standards. Vessel owners can achieve a CBM class notation to avoid five annual equipment opening-up inspections and stay in operation.

Seagoing vessels

Depending on criticality and accessibility, condition monitoring solutions for marine equipment in the engine room may involve periodic measurements with portable instrumentation or continuous monitoring with online systems.

Drilling rigs

Equipment used to drill oil and gas wells are the most critical systems on a drilling rig.

Offshore vessels

Mission equipment like cranes, tensioners, and winches are fital for daily operations and should be monitored to avoid NPT.

Oil and gas

The oil and gas industry is extremely asset-heavy, and the upkeep of facilities is of vital importance. At the same time, the nature of these industries is associated with hazards related to the raw materials themselves