Equipment used to drill oil and gas wells are the most critical systems on a drilling rig.

Essential machinery causing direct production downtime needs to be monitored 24/7 to get the earliest possible prewarning of deteriorating mechanical condition.

Set up to measure your equipment mechanical condition in the most optimal way, the Intellinova condition monitoring system offers a strong combination of techniques and signal optimization functions; our patented SPM HD technology for advanced bearing and gear condition monitoring at ultra-low rotational speeds, down to 0.1 rpm. Commonly used vibration analysis techniques like velocity, acceleration, HD ENV, FFT spectrum, time domain and phase analysis, Pseudo tach, time-synchronous averaging, and HD Order Tracking form a unique package of tools included in our condition monitoring solution to maximize pre-warning times of mechanical failures.

With Intellinova Parallel EN, shock pulses and vibration will be monitored seamlessly, and the system warns the driller instantly in case of excessive vibrations, even caused by downhole vibrations.

Vibration data can be directly fed to operation dashboards via RestAPI calls to keep instant control of the actual equipment running state.

Our system solutions are suitable for land and offshore drilling rigs and cover the most critical equipment such as Topdrive, Crown block, fast line sheaves, Travelling block, Draw works, and mud pumps.

SPM is choice of many OEM companies.

The following problems can be detected:

  • Rolling element bearing damages
  • Gear wear and damage
  • Imbalance
  • Misalignment in shafts and gears
  • Looseness
  • Structural resonances
  • Motor rotor and shaft eccentricity
  • Electrical motor problems; broken rotor bars, VFD faults
  • Soft foot

Besides vibration condition monitoring, it is common to include our online oil condition monitoring solution to measure the contamination (particle counter) according to ISO or NAS class, water in oil detection, oil temperature, and oil quality.

Portable instruments

The SPM range of handheld instruments includes equipment for shock pulse measurement, vibration severity measurement and vibration spectrum analysis.

Online systems

An online condition monitoring and diagnosis system is an asset management tool that will keep constant watch over your equipment, maximizing the level of plant availability and performance.

Analysis and monitoring software

At the heart of an SPM condition monitoring solution is the powerful Condmaster® Ruby software, containing the expert knowledge needed to evaluate and assess machine condition.

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