With over fifty years of innovation and development of high-performance solutions for condition monitoring, we have gained solid experience in the various needs in many types of industries. Now, we turn our extensive technical expertise into a new area of application for the high-resolution data of our patented HD condition monitoring technologies.

Beyond condition monitoring – a new area of use for high-resolution data

The exceptional data quality delivered by the HD ENV and SPM HD measurement technologies can provide information not only on the mechanical condition of production-critical machines but also valuable insights into the industrial processes themselves.

Monitoring, examining, and following up unfamiliar data patterns has the capacity to reveal valuable information about the inner workings of various industrial processes.

Besides optimizing machine operating condition, the same advanced, field-proven measurement technologies, smart algorithms, and hardware used for condition monitoring now enables process industries to enhance new areas of their production.

A winning combination

This new application area for high-resolution process data ties in perfectly with condition monitoring. Combining the benefits of condition-based maintenance with those achieved through process optimization is a winning strategy, contributing to:

  • Increased production speed
  • Increased raw material yields
  • Maximized availability
  • Enhanced plant condition
  • Health, safety, and environmental improvements

A well-designed, well-implemented condition monitoring program paired with successful optimization of critical processes brings out the best in both assets and production, thus enabling plants and operations to leverage new opportunities for increased profitability and business growth.

Optimization of the grinding process in tumbling mills 

In the mining and mineral processing industry, high-cost equipment and an energy-intensive process with a large carbon footprint are some of the key drivers for optimization. The new process optimization solution for tumbling mills (patent pending) enables mill operators to better control the degree of ore filling in the mill and thus optimize grinding efficiency, throughput, and raw material yields.

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Optimization of the screening efficiency in vibrating screens

The high-cost vibrating screen is a vital piece of equipment, right at the heart of the mineral processing operation, and not seldom without redundancy. The process efficiency of the screens significantly impacts production levels and the bottom line. A well-functioning vibrating screen limits the wear rate, thus extending its working life, and also reduces downtime costs for manually cleaning the screen decks.

  Technical Solution: Vibrating screen