Essential machinery with downtime risks such as thrusters must be monitored 24/7 to get the earliest possible warning of deteriorating condition. This allows operators to respond in time to take the necessary action to avoid catastrophic failures and severe secondary damages. Otherwise, in case of a required thruster overhaul, the best possible time window can be planned at the earliest stage.

Our Intellinova thruster online vibration and oil monitoring system solution includes a data interface to the thruster controller to correlate the measured vibration with the actual thruster operation parameters such a power, steering angle, blade pitch position, and speed log.

The vibration monitoring system uses HD condition monitoring technology and smart algorithms to cope with the variable running states. It enables a reliable trending of thruster vibration, including all internal machine parts such as bearings and gears.

DuoTech vibration sensors are installed on the electric motor bearing housings and on the upper housing of the thruster gearbox. An oil condition monitoring center with contamination (ISO/Nas class), water content, and oil quality sensor continuously measures gearbox lubrication oil for anomalies.

Intellinova Parallel EN

Intellinova® Parallel EN is a powerhouse of functionality and performance, ideal for condition monitoring of industrial equipment with high availability demands.

Online oil condition monitoring

Monitor your lubrication and hydraulic oil condition - 24/7...

Leonova Diamond

Leonova Diamond® is an advanced and powerful data analyzer for high-efficiency measuring routes in rough industrial surroundings.

Set up to measure thruster mechanical condition most optimally, the Intellinova condition monitoring system offers a strong combination of techniques and signal optimization functions; our patented SPM HD technology for advanced bearing and gear condition monitoring at ultra-low rotational speeds, down to 0.1 rpm. Commonly used vibration analysis techniques like velocity, acceleration, and HD ENV, FFT spectrum, time domain and phase analysis, Pseudo tach, time-synchronous averaging, and HD Order Tracking form a unique package of tools included in our thruster condition monitoring solution to maximize pre-warning times of mechanical failures.


The following problems can be detected:

  • Rolling element bearing damages
  • Gear wear and damage
  • Imbalance in drive shaft and propeller
  • Misalignment in shafts and gears
  • Looseness
  • Structural resonances
  • Propeller blade damages, marine growth, erosion, and cavitation
  • Rotor and shaft eccentricity
  • Electrical motor problems; broken rotor bars, VFD faults
  • Soft foot

Besides vibration condition monitoring, it is a common choice to include our online lubrication and hydraulic oil condition monitoring solution for thrusters to measure the contamination (particle counter) according to ISO or NAS class, water in oil detection, oil temperature, and oil quality.

Intellinova online vibration monitoring systems is your best and affordable choice and easy to retrofit.


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